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My name is Linda Marcela Leal Mendez

I have 15 years, this is something unusual

since they do not usually take pictures in this way

My Family

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  my family is formed

by my grandmother, my aunt, my cousin

my mom and I, my family is very happy

is always united and always remain united and understanding

My pet

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this is my pet name is Moon,

is playful, very loving

cheerful and likes to eat a lot.

Me and my pet

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in this photo I am with my pet moon

I do not usually take pictures with it

but I like the photo

While it was a bit strange.

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My friends

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these are my friends

are very happy

great fun with them

I have spent special moments

What I like to do

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What I like to do

is listening music,

because it relaxes me

and fills me with great joy

In future

Tamaño original

in the future

I want to study gastronomy

I want to create my own restaurants

this dream I want to fulfill my cousin.

Where I want to study

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I want to study

in international politecnico,

as it is a good college

College is also where I will study with my cousin.

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